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Employee management online - deals with data, with the aim of bringing together all relevant information in one place.

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Employee administration online - what sounds very boring is one of the central tasks of HR. Because this is where all the relevant data comes together, which in the end also ensures that every employee can receive his or her salary.

What is Employee Management?

Employee administration – also known as personnel administration – deals with employee data. The aim is to bring together all the information relevant to the company, such as master data, in one place so that it can be used, for example, for the calculation and payment of wages.

The aim is to bring together all relevant employee data in one place to minimize the effort required for data maintenance. In the past, these were large archives in the companies with folders for individual employees. Today, digital systems take care of these tasks.

Advantages of Digital Employee Administration for Companies?

We no longer know the management of employees by paper files in modern companies. This is because the disadvantages of paper are obvious: documents are only available in one place and cannot be processed simultaneously. In addition, evaluations are difficult to implement.

Employee management online brings all the advantages of digital data management with it:

  • Easy access via cloud software from anywhere (e.g., also in the home office)
  • Simultaneous processing of the same documents possible
  • Easy way to add, change and delete records
  • Simplified data protection via certified software and logging of accesses
  • Employees can add and update their data themselves, depending on the software

What tasks does an Employee Management System Perform in Everyday HR Life?

There are several tasks that employee administration must perform. These include everything from recording the master data of new employees during onboarding to recording performance data and calculating compensation accordingly.

Three tasks form the core:

  • Capturing data
  • Saving data
  • Evaluating data The range of tasks is very wide and also varies greatly from company to company. This usually starts directly with the application, which is stored in order to be able to process it for the selection of a suitable applicant. It then continues with the onboarding of the newly acquired employee, where master data such as address and account number must be recorded. Data on working hours and vacation periods are regularly documented and, if necessary, used for wage calculation. And it doesn’t end until the employee is offboarded.

Data protection – What is There to Consider?

Today, one must deal with the issue of data protection above all when you collect data from individuals. In Germany, this is governed by the Federal Data Protection Acts, and the General Data Protection Regulation has now brought about standardization in Europe. The premise of data economy applies, i.e., to really only collect data that is necessary for the purpose of the employment.

It is also important to keep in mind where data is stored. If an application is received, for example, consent to storage or deletion of the data must be given here on a regular basis.

Here, modern systems for employee management are of great advantage since these regulations are already programmed into the software and thus an unintentional violation of these regulations can be prevented. Overall, however, the topic must be dealt with on an ongoing basis, as new legal regulations or even new internal policies may require an adjustment of the processes here.

Is There a Software for Online Employee Administration?

Of course, there are many providers that facilitate employee administration with software solutions. With modern cloud applications, employee administration online is also possible. Here, users can also dial in from the comfort of their home office. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find a program for employee management, because there is a wide variety of offers for different needs.

Here it is necessary to deal with the topic and then find a suitable software for your own needs. The following report shows you how to find the right HR software in three steps: Advantages of HR software: Tomorrow starts today

HRlab – Experience Employee Administration Online in a New Way!

We want to make employee administration and HR work as agile and convenient as possible. To achieve this, we free HR staff and all other employees from cumbersome approval and coordination processes, Excel lists and unnecessary paper documents. This gives everyone involved in the process the right amount of freedom for the actual content of their work.


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