Career steps, qualifications, certificates and training of employees can be easily recorded and evaluated in HRlab. This not only gives you an overview of the existing competencies in your company, but you also know exactly where there is potential for further development. For continuous growth and increased competitiveness!


Easy Administration




Carreer Development

Overview of all job-related qualifications

Thanks to a transparent overview of the qualifications and career developments of all employees, the HR department can plan and implement suitable training and development measures.


Always up to date

HRlab saves everyone's skills and experiences and certificates can be assigned via one click. This facilitates identifying the right employee for a specific project and assigning tasks accordingly.

Flexible scheduling & application processes

Feedback meetings no longer fall between the cracks thanks to automated reminders. Performance goals can be saved in the form of meeting notes and trainings are assigned with one click. Of course, HRlab also allows to customize specific training application processes for employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Employees often have the desire to further educate themselves, both within their current role and beyond, in order to expand their knowledge and skills. In most cases, companies can only benefit from employees acquiring new skills. Furthermore, employees whose needs are taken seriously are more satisfied and, as a result, more productive.

In HRlab, you can document when training and further education sessions take place and what certificates result from them. At the same time, you can set reminders for when certificates are expiring.

Having regular meetings with your team to analyze their current skill set and potential future growth is becoming more and more common. To ensure that such discussions are productive, you can record everything in HRlab and seamlessly continue the conversation in the next session.

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