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With its digital personnel file, our All-in-One HR solution allows for the management of all master and transaction data to be well-structured, easy to access and transparent. So you can find everything collected in one place. Based on assigned access rights, of course.

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All data in one place

The digital personnel file is a central element for digitization in HR management. Documents and master data are stored reliably and data-compliant in one place. Searching for information and documents in different locations is a thing of the past.


Single Source of Truth

Whether attendances and absences, career developments, contracts and salary histories or target agreements. HRlab serves as your single source of truth, so you are guaranteed to have everything at a glance.

Data-compliant access rights

Rights are assigned on a role-specific basis so that employees can operate independently and HR only has to confirm. The option for mass entries and data updates further facilitates HR's daily processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If there are any changes to master data, employees can update those independently. This takes work off of HR managers and accelerates processes.

Even before entering the employment, new employees can independently enter their data. They will be invited to the system with their personal email address and limited rights for the transition period, allowing them to enter all employment-related data.

Yes. The digital personnel file includes all personnel-related data as well as documents related to payroll, supplementary agreements, application documents, and more.

The clear advantage of digitally managing personnel documents is that it optimizes the workflow in HR and provides access to individual employee data. Although there is no specific obligation, certain remuneration documents must be digitialzed since the beginning of 2022.

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