Cloud HR-Software

HR is undergoing a transformation. New and more powerful cloud-based HR management software can effectively support the HR department in key tasks of the future.

Cloud-based HR-Software

HR is undergoing a transformation. New and more powerful cloud-based HR management software can effectively support the HR department in key tasks of the future. Our cloud HR software HRlab is just one example of many other helpful tools on the market.

Cloud and its History

Human resource management software, like almost any other software, can be outsourced to the cloud. This was originally the name given to storage space for files on the Internet, where the user often did not know the physical location of their data. In diagrams, this online storage was usually represented the diffuse cloud, which explains the name.

Today, not only data is outsourced to the web, but also software, computing power or even complete IT infrastructures. However, HR-Software also manages personal data, which is why outsourcing to any anonymous provider on the Web is out of the question for data protection reasons.

However, outsourcing to an external data center with appropriate data protection standards is a possibility. This has little in common with the anonymous “cloud” of the early days, but the term cloud has also been retained for such external operation of software solutions.

An Ideal Solution for HR-Software

The main advantage of the cloud is that access is possible anytime and anywhere. All that is required is an Internet-enabled terminal. This means that working time can be recorded using a smartphone instead of a time recording terminal. This represents a considerable simplification not only in the home office, but also for field workers or assembly teams.

Unplanned absences due to illness can also be processed more quickly if the employees who are ill can report their absence online and this is immediately transferred to the shift plans. The substitution rules stored in the personnel system can be automatically activated immediately in this case.

Advantages Cloud HR-Software at a Glance

  • Less work for the in-house IT department
  • Hosted SaaS systems offer highest availability
  • Maximum security for your data
  • Location and time-independent access -> thus more flexibility for your employees

Is HR Data Secure on the Internet?

HR software is only operated in a data center that offers a high level of protection against system failures and hacker attacks. Even some of the largest companies have fallen victim to data theft, so no one can guarantee absolute security.

However, the view that an internal software solution is more secure than cloud software, which is still often held, is not correct. There may be exceptions, such as the data centers of large banks, which guarantee extremely high security internally. However, a typical medium-sized company cannot guarantee anywhere near the security standard of a professional data center internally. This fails in medium-sized companies not only because of the costs, but already because of the available personnel on the labor market. After all, this requires a team of IT security experts 24 hours a day.

The Cloud-Based HR Tool of the Future

The transformation in HR is in full swing. Central HR tasks are being centralized, automated processes support employees.

Examples are the flexibilization and individualization of working hours. There is also still a lot to be done in recruiting. Companies can establish contact with students at an earlier stage and maintain this contact on an ongoing basis. Individual online training courses tailored to personal needs and individual skills are also conceivable.

So, there is still a lot of potential to be leveraged in the area of HR. Cloud-based HR tools and AI open up new perspectives for the individualization of personnel management.


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