Document Management

Digital personal files are neatly complemented with an intelligent template management covering contracts, additional agreements up to certificates. Naturally, access rights can be flexibly amended again depending on a user’s role.

document management
Individual Folders

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Digital Signature


Mass Recording

No more repetitive tasks

Whether it be work contracts, supplementary agreements or rejection letters: once templates are created a couple adjustments is all it needs. Master data is filled in automatically and saved directly to the personnel file.


Flexible role & access rights

Approval processes for vacation, overtime compensation, or home office can be individually configured down to the employee level. Thresholds quickly indicate whether the approval of a request will result in bottlenecks.

Digital signatures made easy

Thanks to templates and over 100 placeholders, contracts can be created quickly and sent as PDF or Word files. The integrated YouSign signature solution allows for documents to be signed digitally and saves time as well as printing.


Document Management with HRlab

Create Customized Directories

In HRlab, you can establish a fixed structure of directories for employees to store their documents, for example based on their location. We automatically set up directories for items like medical certificates or payroll statements by default. Additionally, you have the flexibility to create additional directories to align with your company's requirements.

Create Templates for Repeated Use

Every HR department is familiar with recurring routine tasks that still consume a disproportionate amount of time. One way to address this is through templates. Whether it's employment contracts or certificates, templates are created once and equipped with placeholders. When used, they are automatically filled out with the data already stored in the system.

Save Valuable Time with Placeholders

Just as placeholders are used to insert individual data such as names, addresses, or positions, you can also utilize this feature to request digital signatures. When creating the document, you can specify the order in which the respective parties need to sign. The best part is that, with appropriate workflows in place, this process can be fully automated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A document management system allows you to manage all documents in one central location, including creating, editing, and archiving. This often means initially creating and storing all documents in digital form.

Yes. Depending on internal company structures and processes, frequently used documents can be created as templates with placeholders. These templates are then automatically populated with the respective data stored in the system.

Access rights depend on the defined roles. Employees are assigned individual access rights based on their position in the company. Based on these rights, documents and templates can be accessed and used. In any case, all employees have access to their personal documents at all times.

All documents and templates are stored centrally in one place. This ensures that nothing is lost and allows for quick access. You have control over how the folder structure should look like.

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