In HRlab, we automate 100% of both sick leave notifications and the resulting medical certificate (eAU) queries - without any additional costs. This requires no integration with a payroll system or any other third-party providers. The best part: Our solution is certified by health insurance companies, enabling us to respond to potential future changes in the eAU process in real-time.

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Less Paper, More Overview

With HRlab there's no longer the need for paper-based sick notes and certificates. Instead, everyone on sick leave can be called up in the calendar view and sick notes are simply uploaded digitally.


eAU Query 100% Automated

Employees submit sick leave notifications independent of location and time. When a sick note is entered in HRlab, it automatically initiates a data query with the health insurance company and directly stores the feedback information in the system. This allows HR managers to easily access the data centrally without any administrative effort.

Comprehensive Reports

Longer sick leaves can be accounted for with customized review and approval processes. Comprehensive reports allow for an efficient analysis of sickness-related absences, thus provide early-stage indications for the need to take action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, HRlab supports queries of electronic incapacity for work certificates. This means that all sick leave information is now transmitted directly from the respective doctor's offices to the health insurance company. That's when all data is provided to the employer.

Employees provide sick notes to their employers as soon as an illness occurs. Thanks to HRlab, this is 100% digital and can be done with just a few clicks. Create the notification, put in the dates and send it off.

The sick note, on the other hand, is issued by the respective doctor, which employees have to go and obtain by day 4 of being sick.

Yes. As soon as a sick leave is entered, this is communicated in real-time via e-mail and shown on the dashboard, in the calendar and in the absence overview.

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