Preparatory Payroll Accounting

All payroll-relevant master and transaction data are conveniently prepared per monthly payroll accounting. HRlab provides interfaces for all common payroll programs DATEV Lodas and DATEV Lohn+Gehalt to which you can easily transfer. End of month preparations are no longer a source of stress – finally!

Easy Administration


Master & Transaction Data


Payroll-Relevant Data


Efficient DATEV integration

Save valuable time and transfer payrolls to DATEV with one click - thanks to an integrated interface. Remunerations or one-off payments are easily accounted for via mass entry forms.


Payroll-relevant Data Management

HRlab facilitates to manage all payroll components and saves them in one place. Changes to payroll-relevant master and transaction data are prepared via separate reports and can thus be easily referenced.

No more piles of paper

Pay slips are automatically delivered to each user and saved in HRlab. This not only saves paper, but also the endless collection of documents in dusty folders. In addition, all personnel-relevant data can always be reliably accessed in one central location.


Preparatory Payroll in HRlab at a Glance

Configuring Payroll Groups

In HRlab, you can manage and assign payroll groups to employees. For example, if employees paid by the hour are processed at the end of the month, in contrast to salaried employees, they would be organized into a separate payroll group.

Configuring Payroll Categories

With just a few clicks in HRlab, you can define which payroll categories to create and use, and then select from your personalized payroll category catalog. This includes categories like settlement pay, salary, and commission, as well as non-cash benefits, holiday pay, or training compensation.

Integration with DATEV

To easily transfer master and transaction data to DATEV - or your alternative payroll program - at the end of each month, you simply set up the respective attributes, ranging from location and department to marital status. Once correctly assigned, transferring data to DATEV is just a click away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Interfaces to DATEV Lodas and DATEV Lohn + Gehalt are standard and without any additional costs in HRlab. Additional solutions can be connected if needed.

Yes. All relevant master and movement data for monthly payroll processing are conveniently prepared and then easily transferred to the payroll program of your choice.

Employees receive their salary statements automatically and digitally via HRlab. All past documents can also be accessed centrally and with just a few clicks.

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