Workflows & Task Management

HRlab’s intelligent workflow and task management supports any employee-related processes, enabling significant efficiency wins in your daily HR work. Create exactly the workflows you need and enjoy an automated process with clearly assigned responsibilities.

Clear Responsibilities

Workflow Activation





No more manual processes

Say your goodbyes to manual processes or excel templates! With integrated calendars you configure tasks, deadlines and meetings once for automated workflows to do their magic.


Flexible assignment of tasks

Whether it's onboarding, offboarding or employee reviews - processes are mapped 100% true to your needs and responsibilities assigned accordingly. HRlab sends out reminders automatically, which is a true time-saver when it comes to follow-ups.

Automated Workflow Activation

When and why a workflow is triggered automatically is defined per use case, such as a contract update, department change or absences. Mapping employee-related processes with this level of flexibility enables entirely new levels of efficiency gains.


Workflows in HRlab

Creating Workflows and Tasks

Fo any use case, you can create a workflow along with its associated tasks, each of which can be updated in its status at any given time. Meaning, employees responsible for a task can adjust its status with a simple click. This ensures that all involved parties are informed, and the workflow automatically progresses to the next stage.

Task Filters for Maximum Clarity

All employees have constant access to an overview of their tasks and can use filters to determine which tasks they wish to view. These tasks can include those manually assigned to employees or directly assigned through workflows. They can also contain tasks allocated to a department or a workflow team which employees are part of.

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Thanks to an intelligent workflow and task management, you no longer have to deal with manual processes or Excel templates! Instead, you create any kind of employee-related process once and simply benefit from an automated process going forward. Clearly assigned responsibilities and integrated calendars further facilitate daily HR work.

Whether it's contract changes, new colleagues, department transfers, or absences - you determine when and why a workflow is automatically triggered.

From onboarding to offboarding and feedback cycles - processes can be 100% flexible and customized according to your needs.

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