Employee Self Service

A comprehensive employee self service setup is key to avoid unnecessary administrative tasks and allow for maximum transparency across employees. So your HR team can finally get back to the more strategic development of your various departments.

employee self service
Direct Access

Data Input





Process optimization through self-service

Employees have direct access to their own data and documents and can enter updates independently from HR. This decreases the workload in the HR department and sustainably increases efficiency.


Full transparency

Employees can enter vacation requests, sick notes, address and bank account changes from any device at any time. Of course, based on respective access rights granted by HR.

Customized automation

HRlab shares news and updates in real time. New employees are automatically created as users, which eliminates the need for isolated data entry forms and manually processing submitted data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Employee Self Service refers to the ability of your employees to independently access their personal data and documents, such as work hours, pay checks, and remaining vacation days, without the need to approach the HR department. They can also update any changed master data on their own. This can be done at any time of the day with just a few clicks.

Firstly, employees can access their data independently, resulting in increased transparency and faster information retrieval. Additionally, the HR department is faced with significantly less administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on more important matters.

Employees have access to their data even before joining the company, thanks to time-limited access rights. This allows them to quickly and easily complete their master data without any cumbersome paperwork.

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