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HRlab is an intelligent HR Software for digital employee management which optimizes the administration of operational processes throughout the company. It ensures professional and efficient workflows in the HR department and for employees. HRlab is highly agile and provides the necessary transparency that guarantees a contemporary work in the field of HR.

With the help of HRlab you can digitize and automize the daily processes of an enterprise such as the administration of vacation, sickness, travel management, payroll and various components of compensation & benefits which are managed in the digital employees portal. Furthermore, HRlab offers APIs to isolated HR systems. This enables current analyses and future perspectives in HRlab – centralized and more efficient.

HRlab provides access to valid employee data at anytime from everywhere. Moreover, the HR Software guarantees efficient processes and flexible workflows. Agility and a strong performance of all operative processes are additional features besides of a centralized administration of all HR processes. Furthermore, secure data management and guaranteed security of personnel-related data by BDSG §3 are ensured by a storage of data in Germany.

HRlab offers two price variations. Both are including the full functionality. For only 6€ a month per employee you and your employees can use all the functions of the software limitlessly.With a surcharge you have the possibility to manage your payroll automatically and integrated in HRlab. By choosing this version, an external accountancy firm or complicated payroll accounting systems are not necessary anymore.

Data protection is our priority. Your data is treated with high safety at HRlab. Our data center in Frankfurt/Main is hosting the data by using a complex codification and current standards. A neutral institution is controlling whether the data protection regulation is being kept.Futher information you can find in our Privacy Statement.

The HR Software can be managed by giving individual access rights. Theoretically, every single data field can be managed separately. Every employee has the possibility to overview his own personnel data and to make changes through self-service functions.

No, HRlab is a cloud-based software solution. This enables access via every device (tablet, smartphone, notebook, desktop…) and works independently from any software system. You only need an internet connection to use the HR Software.

Yes, HRlab is an intelligent HR Software with a process design that is flexible in adjustment and working agile. This offers an individual adjustment of specific demands. We also offer APIs to other HR solutions that are already integrated in your company or that are further needed. HRlab is not branch based and is scalable for every company size.

Employees have access to their personal data and can manage it independently. Thus, the administrative effort in the HR department is shrinking whereas the transparency and the value of the employees’ data are rising.

No, HRlab is a user-friendly HR Software with self-explaining functions. It allows a simple and intuitive usability and can be understood quickly without any knowledge. Most of the functions are being explained in various tutorials in order to enable a quick access to HRlab.

No, your data is treated privately and will not be given to third persons or other parties.

No worries! HRlab is free of any advertisement. You can use the advantages of the HR Software without getting annoying adverts.

Thanks to a cloud-based data management and the guarantee that the latest data protection regulation is given, the HR Software offers high security and access to valid employee data everytime and everywhere.

HRlab supports payroll and offers an intuitive handling and a clear overview, APIs to existing HR solutions and products as well as employee analyses and forecasts.

HRlab has a free Trial Version, that gives you the opportunity to explore HRlab and to choose a price package which suits you best!

The application of requests, the edit of core data and the search of statistics are possible through the individual employee accesses.

An admin can edit the employees’ data of a company for executives or the staff department.

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