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As a communication agency, we have been specializing in the IT and technology market for 35 years, and are strategic partners for companies, associations, and public authorities. We employ around 70 employees across our locations in Berlin, Munich, and Wiesbaden. Our goal is to always be one step ahead. Our claim: Rethink communication.

HRlab and Fink und Fuchs - Success Story

70 Employees

3 Locations

Communication Agency

About Fink und Fuchs

We connect our clients with relevant contacts in the media, opinion leaders, and stakeholders in the political sphere, finding the right topics and channels for the target audiences.

Our work focuses on consultation, meaning the development of communication strategies and the formulation of specific communication concepts for various issues. In addition to media work, we also utilize all other channels, create films, design infographics, and layouts.

Many applications have similar functionalities. What makes the difference is how your are met on a personal level and how challenges are resolved.
- Christine Stock, Head of HR

The Challenge

Why did you look for an HR software?

Initially, in 2014, we implemented another HR solution. But the provider introduced a completely new system to the market shortly after. Switching again would have incurred high costs and effort, which wasn't an option so soon after the original implementation.

With the new system on the market, many features in our current system started to be no longer supported. Even after contacting support, no sustainable solution was offered. When the DATEV interface stopped functioning, and we had to revert bcak to manual processes for payroll, we needed a new solution.

Specific Challenges that needed to be Addressed?

Our specific pain points in finding new HR software included having a highly functional interface with DATEV, as we were spending a lot of manual effort on payroll. Additionally, we wanted intuitive report generation and customization capabilities.

Document templates should be collaboratively editable by the team, and we wanted browser- and location-independent access to our HR software. It was also important to us that both, the HR department and employees, could intuitively navigate the system.

In our previous system, we found that especially managers who didn't work in the system daily, regularly came to us with questions about how to use the tool. Therefore, in the decision-making process for HRlab, a logical, self-explanatory, and clear structure of the application was particularly important to us.

Why did you choose HRlab?

After surveying the market, two solutions remained. HRlab stood out for different reasons, on being the sales colleagues with a profound understanding for HR. They provided realistic assessments and well-founded statements regarding the actual daily work in HR.

Additionally, we wanted a consistent point of contact throughout the process steps so that we could directly follow up in new discussions. In both of these aspects, we experienced the opposite with the alternative provider.

Then there was the modular structure of HRlab. This allowed us to select our desired functionalities and pay for what we needed, unlike other providers who bundled a multitude of additional features.

And then, the support. Even after the implementation of HRlab, we can confirm that questions are answered individually and promptly. No room for standard responses or constantly changing contact points.

The Solution

How did the implementation process go?

The implementation was consistently positive because there was a realistic schedule that accurately accounted for the efforts required on our end. This aligned with our expectations of what was important in introducing HR software, making us feel very well supported.

This was followed by three to four larger sessions, during which we were systematically guided through HRlab. The focus wasn't on theory but on directly implementing use cases together, allowing us to quickly develop a good understanding of HRlab. In the first few months after implementation, our contact person was available for a weekly set meeting, in addition to providing quick assistance in between.

A particularity in our case: Our previous HR software provider did not provide us with all the master data we needed. This naturally had a significant impact on how we could deliver the data for HRlab. Fortunately, the HRlab team supported us in completing and structuring the data.

Standout Features Since Implementation?

The colleagues at HRlab not only have outstanding expertise in their product but also in HR and daily personnel work. This has impressed us repeatedly during the implementation and in subsequent discussions. So, we consistently interact on an equal footing, making the collaboration so positive.

This is evident when it comes to specific use cases. Should we meet a challenge in the tool, we are not only presented with solutions within the product but also with potentially more sensible approaches. And if there isn't an immediate solution, we can rely on transparent statements regarding when this will be incorporated into the product development.

Also in the ongoing support, we reliably receive fast responses from our contact person, which directly address our questions. We greatly appreciate this kind of communication and collaboration.

Features You Benefit From Daily?

Central to us is, of course, classic employee management. Additionally, we work a lot with workflows, which has significantly improved the efficiency of our daily HR work, allowing employees to be actively involved in processes.

Recruitment, reports, eAU queries, and of course, the DATEV interface are also heavily used functions. One thing we've recently introduced: HRlab's travel expense management, meaning processing travel expenses through payroll. This has worked flawlessly from the beginning and significantly reduced previous workload.

As an example: Previously, employees filled out an Excel sheet, which then was completed by the accounting department with the appropriate meal allowances, etc. After approval, the travel expenses were included in the next payment cycle. We've automated this entire process with HRlab.

Open Requests? And how do Employees think about HRlab?

Employee satisfaction with HRlab is extremely high. Colleagues actively approach us and express appreciation for HRlab. This is, of course, very rewarding.

In terms of open wishes, there are only minor issues that occasionally arise. For example, in the menu navigation, sometimes you're taken out of the original employee profile and have to actively navigate back. Cross-references could be optimized there.

Another example from recruiting: As soon as a colleague views a newly received email, it's marked as read. While this is generally correct, since we work with multiple colleagues, sometimes new emails go unnoticed by the correct person. Also, when requesting feedback on a candidate, I want to be able to select which attached documents are visible for every feedback giver.

Lastly, not all HRlab features are accessible yet on mobile devices. We look forward to the completion of features in the app, which we know the HRlab team is continuously working on.

Final Thoughts

Intuitive User Interface

Consistent Points of Contact

Efficient Workflows

We spend significantly less time on the administrative tasks of daily HR work. For example, time spent on payroll processing has drastically reduced since implementing HRlab. And we benefit from entirely new possibilities. New employees can independently enter their data in the system thanks to onboarding workflows ahead of their first day. This also includes filling out and signing documents.

At the same time, all employees operate independently in HRlab. This starts with updating records and ends with accessing payroll information. This is reflected in the satisfaction of both employees and managers. And the HR department is pleased with fewer inquiries in everyday work.

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