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The HR software that flexibly maps various business areas within a company and comprehensively serves personnel-related processes. So you can access reliable data at any time and keep track of current developments through evaluations with just a click.

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One solution instead of an isolated tool landscape

An isolated tool landscape often means: Various Excel sheets combined with physical folders and a series of specialized solutions. This, in turn, results in double data maintenance, manual processes, loss of information, and accordingly high time expenditure. A nightmare for any HR manager.

A comprehensive HR solution combines all personnel-related processes, ensuring that all data is reliably stored in one place. Times are recorded and stored with a click, document templates minimize administrative efforts, and reports are accessible at the click of a button.

The whole process of contracting our truck drivers involves creating between 50 and 60 pages of documents. With HRlab we reduced the time needed for this process from roughly 1.5 hours to 5 minutes.
Florian Franz, Head of HR at Soex
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Flexibly Mapping Complex Structures

Especially in the manufacturing industry combines different business areas such as craftsmanship, transportation, and administration. Therefore, an HR software must flexibly meet very different conditions.

With HRlab, you not only create and store roles in the system as needed but also define the corresponding conditions for each. From various working time models to shift planning to time tracking via terminal, in case no desktop or mobile options are available.

Central database & independent employees

Digital personnel files collect all relevant employee data centrally in one place and are accessible anytime and from anywhere. This is useful for you as HR manager when, for example, you want to review an employee's salary development over the last 2 years and for employees, who quickly want to access last year's tax certificate.

Additionally, employees update their personal data independently. This means for you as an HR manager: No constant inquiries or data changes. It also means: Much more time for other tasks and quick evaluations of key performance indicators as a basis for decision-making.

Before HRlab, our HR department spent half of every week only for maintaining data, correcting it, and sending out overviews.
Kathrin Garwels, Head of HR at Krapp
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Fully automated eAU queries

Handling a sickness case typically involves a manual workload of 5 - 8 minutes for an HR-manager. With HRlab, we have completely eliminated this to zero. How?

Electronic certificates of incapacity for work are automatically requested from health insurance companies through HRlab after employees report their illness. Once the answer from the health insurance company is received in the system, HR managers automatically receive a notification. Meaning: No more effort for HR-managers.

Why HRlab is the Right Software Partner

Our focus: Extraordinary flexibility regarding customer requirements and excellent customer support. During implementation, in day-to-day operations, and in the continuous improvement of HRlab. Because: We not only promise new features - we deliver!

Innovative at Fair Prices

You decide exactly what you pay for. The Compact Package already starts from €4 per user and is easily expanded with additional modules like Time & Absence, Talent Management, or Recruitment as needed. This way, you avoid frustrating licensing issues and simply pay per user.

Personal Contact as a Matter of Course

We understand how challenging it can be to introduce new software in a company. To make this process as easy as possible for you, we provide honest and transparent personal support. From the very beginning.

Reliable Support and Secure Hosting

HRlab stands for competent support that is always ready to help. This is confirmed by our customer satisfaction, which averages a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Additionally, HRlab's hosting is exclusively done in Germany.

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