Leadership Styles – Diverse Types of Management

Leadership style refers to the general behavior pattern of a manager in a company. We explain the different leadership styles.


The term leadership style describes the general behavioral pattern of a manager in a company. There are numerous different ways in which managers perform their tasks. In the following, the different leadership styles will be explained.

Characteristics of a Good Leadership Style

A good Leadership style is characterized by offering the best possible compromise. Good leadership focuses on achieving good results while encouraging and involving employees. Therefore, it is important for a leader to focus on the essentialism. Thus, it is crucial to think positively and build trust with employees. **A good leader uses the strengths of everyone to achieve the company’s goal. **

Leadership Styles

Cooperative Leadership Style

This Leadership style is characterized by the fact that the manager and the employees work closely together. They develop ideas together and implement them together. The manager and employees complement each other in a way.

Authoritarian Leadership Style

In the authoritarian leadership style, the manager clearly sets themself apart from the employees. The manager has unlimited power and makes all decisions alone. The employees’ own initiative is usually not wanted.

Laissez Faire Leadership Style

Employees have the greatest possible freedom in the so-called laissez faire management style. Here, the manager does not intervene in the company’s work processes. The employees organize themselves as a team and make their own decisions.

  1. The supervisor shows little interest in the work processes.
  2. His statements and instructions are often unclear and full of interpretation.
  3. There is an impersonal way of dealing with employees.
  4. Employees are largely left to their own devices.

Democratic Leadership Style

With the democratic leadership style, the manager basically decides and develops the ideas. Before a decision is made, however, employees are given the opportunity to express their opinions. In this way, they influence the decision-making process.

Bureaucratic Leadership Style

In the bureaucratic management style, work processes are subject to fixed rules and regulations. Employees are only able to influence this through prescribed channels. The individual managers also have little room for maneuver when making decisions and are dependent on orders “from above”.

Charismatic Leadership Style

The charismatic management style is characterized by the sole focus on the manager. The latter convinces the employees with their ideas and visions and thus captivates them. The individual employees do not have any significant say. Instead, employees identify with the manager.

Situational Leadership Style

A situational leadership style enables the manager to adapt to the respective employees. They combine different leadership styles and acts differently depending on the employee. The style assumes that different leadership is necessary with each employee to realize their full potential.

Leadership Style in the Digital Age

Digital transformation presents numerous challenges. These can best be solved together. The collaborative leadership style is therefore a good choice for the future. It ensures that managers and employees pull together and complement each other. Only in this way is it possible to take employees’ creative ideas into account and advance the company.


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