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DATEV - Salary and wage tax accounting the DATEV personnel management system classic facilitate HR work.

DATEV als Lohnprogramm

Founded in 1966 and headquartered in Nuremberg, DATEV eG is now one of the largest IT service providers in Europe and the third-largest provider in Germany (IDC ranking 2020). In addition to financial accounting, one of its main areas of expertise is payroll accounting.

Payroll accounting in the company

In the past, monthly payroll accounting was a time-consuming and nerve-racking activity. Often, necessary payroll data was missing and the deadline was getting closer and closer. It was not until the use of accounting software that noticeable time savings and work relief were achieved in payroll accounting. Today, more than 400,000 customers already create their payrolls with the help of DATEV software.

Two software variants are available for payroll accounting and payroll tax accounting, each in three versions


Payroll accounting is carried out via the DATEV computer center. The program is available in the versions:

  • Lodas comfort This is a program that is not limited to a number of employees. Updates to legal changes or changes to institutions can be easily incorporated with a click. In addition to the standard evaluations, individual personnel evaluations can be created via the program part Data Analysis System Human Resources.

  • Lodas classic This program has the same functions as Lodas comfort. However, the program part: Data Analysis System Human Resources is missing.

  • Lodas compact Lodas compact does not require a DATEV system environment, as it does not include the drilldown reporting and specialist information functions or the creation of wage and salary statements. It is a complete solution for smaller companies with a maximum of 50 employees. A free 30-day trial version is available for this payroll variant.

DATEV Wage and Salary

In contrast to DATEV LODAS, DATEV Lohn und Gehalt is a continuous “on-site payroll accounting”. Updates, such as changed health insurance contribution rates, can be automatically transferred to the payroll program via a subscription order.

DATEV Wage and Salary is available in the versions: Lohn und Gehalt comfort, Lohn und Gehalt classic, Lohn und Gehalt compact. With the exception of the payroll location, the flexible tariff support and the construction wage for the public sector, these versions correspond to those of DATEV LODAS.

DATEV Interface for employee management software

The DATEV personnel management system classic facilitates personnel management through the:

Data is exchanged quickly and easily via the DATEV interface to payroll programs. This enables a prompt analysis of personnel data and its preparation for internal company reporting.

Our HR management software

In the area of personnel management, our modern cloud solution from HRlab GmbH is available. Here, the payroll programs are connected to the HR management software via an interface. This system enables the import of HR master data into the payroll program at the push of a button.

Benefits for companies from the cloud-based HR system:

Payroll processes are shortened because recurring tasks can be clearly viewed. Employees are given separate access rights and can enter their data themselves.

Payroll-relevant data is transferred to the DATEV data center at the touch of a button. Data security in accordance with the legal requirements of the German principles of proper accounting (GoBD) and the German Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) is guaranteed.

Data protection and data security

DATEV eG complies with all legal provisions on the protection of personal and business data and supplements these with binding internal regulations introduced for this purpose. In this context, a high degree of joint responsibility is imposed on employees.

Data security and data protection are laid down in the Code of Business Art. 2 and have top priority.

Particular care is taken with personal data. The “DATEV eG Certificates and Seal of Quality” provides information about the quality level of personal data. This seal of approval is issued by DQS BIT GmbH.


We would like to point out that our website provides non-binding information, which under no circumstances constitutes legal advice. This also, and especially, applies to topics within the sphere of legal HR advise. The content of this contribution cannot and is not intended to replace individual and binding legal advice. For this reason, all information provided is without guarantee of correctness and completeness, but always researched with the utmost care.

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