Upskilling Checklist to Increase Employee Motivation

Employees are the most valuable asset of any company, as motivated and content employees, in particular, give their full commitment. For this to be the case, employee satisfaction plays an essential role. And this, in turn, encompasses both personal and professional development. For companies looking to sustainably advance their personnel development, the concept of upskilling is unavoidable.

What is Upskilling and How Do Companies Benefit from It?

What Does a Successful Implementation Look Like?

This can happen when employee development is not a priority.

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Upskilling Checklist to Increase Employee Motivation

Employee Development based on Upskilling

The starting point is a company-wide competency assessment to establish the current state. One examines the existing resources in the current state and compares them with the required qualifications to remain competitive in the future. At this stage, the value of comprehensive HR software, such as digital personnel records and intelligent reports, becomes evident, saving a lot of time and effort. The next step is to engage in direct communication with employees to individually determine their interest in further education.

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