How mid-sized companies should approach New Work

When we talk about New Work, we primarily refer to the changed work environment in which we find ourselves, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Home office, remote work, hybrid teams - all forms of work that have experienced a significant upswing (often out of necessity) since March 2021. Learn in our whitepaper:

What goals you can achieve through New Work?

Which New Work approaches are best suited for which conditions?

The specific measures you should consider for implementation?

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HRlab How mid-sized companies should approach New Work

Best practice for medium-sized companies

Mid-sized businesses in particular face challenges in implementing New Work as a working model. The term is not only difficult to define, but people also understand it differently. So, how do you proceed to do justice to the workforce without completely overturning existing work processes? Our advice: Start with small teams and gradually expand measures to the entire company. Find more tips in our whitepaper.

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