Implementing Whistleblower Protection Act: Checklist

Since July 2023, companies in Germany with more than 50 employees have to implement an internal reporting system based on the whistleblower protection act. This way, whistleblowers are protected when reporting internal misconduct. What to look out for when implementing an internal reporting system:

Establishing an internal policy

Choosing the right software

Establishing internal processes

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Implementing Whistleblower Protection Act: Checklist

What does the Whistleblower Protection Act entail?

The Whistleblower Protection Act [HinSchG] has been in force across Germany since July 2023 and requires companies to set up an internal reporting office. So that employees can report grievances or breaches of regulations anonymously. Companies are then obliged to take measures to protect Whistleblowers.

In other words: The Whistleblower Protection Act serves to protect people who report grievances or violations of laws, internal guidelines or ethical standards in companies.

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