These are the HR-Trends for 2024

Amidst global environmental shifts, legal advancements, and an increased integration of technology, numerous opportunities arise to enhance company productivity and unlock the full potential of the HR department. Which HR trends should you pay particular attention to in 2024? An outlook:

HR & Technology: AI is changing the HR landscape

HR analytics to increase productivity

Continuous & agile learning culture

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HRlab These are the HR-Trends for 2024

What makes a learning culture so important

We were already able to observe this in 2023: The majority of employees want to continuously develop their skills and take advantage of corresponding offers at work. In other words, it is worthwhile for companies to integrate a continuous learning culture more strongly into their DNA.

Personalized learning experiences can be supported by a combination of advanced technology, autonomy and a focus on the individual needs and wishes of employees.

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