Feedback Conversation Template

Employee feedbacks are a central tool in personnel management. Managers can use them to transparently communicate to their employees where they currently stand in their careers and what possibilities lie ahead. At the same time, employees can reflect on their perspectives and verbalize their personal development goals. Find out:

How do employers benefit from employee feedbacks?

Which guidelines to be aware of?

Which questions to ask?

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Feedback Conversation Template

Successful feedback conversations

We have all been in that situation. The next, or maybe even the first, feedback conversation is scheduled in your calendar, and everyone involved wants to prepare accordingly. The key to a promising exchange: a common foundation upon which the conversation can be built and developed. To create this foundation, it helps to prepare a shared set of questions and then engage in a discussion based on them. Through this exchange, both parties will have a clear understanding of the current situation and the horizon for future planning.

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