HR-Trends 2023 - What to Watch Out For?

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December 20, 2022 • 2 minutes read

The new year is just around the corner. Over the past two years, several changes have occurred in human resources, presenting HR departments with new challenges and developments. What HR trends should you pay particular attention to in 2023?

HR Trends 2023

HR Trend 1: Increasing Job Opportunities for HR Professionals

We can observe a positive trend regarding job opportunities for individuals in the HR sector. The demand for HR professionals has consistently risen since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, and this trend continues today.

The ongoing challenges of the pandemic require a competent HR department, with recruiters, in particular, being in high demand as they navigate the shift towards an employee-driven market to attract qualified talent.

HR Trend 2: Creativity is in Demand

How can a positive corporate culture be established and maintained under remote work conditions? How can a sense of community be fostered despite increased remote work, leading to a good working atmosphere? How can employees be satisfied during times of inflation?

To address these challenges, creativity is key. Monetary means alone will not be the solution. One approach is to actively involve employees, allowing individual priorities to be heard, requiring the necessary software for collaborative work.

HR Trend 3: Salary Increase as a Solution?

Blanket salary increases pose two problems. Most companies lack the financial means, and salary increases and bonuses are not meaningful if the underlying basis is unclear. Instead, increased salary transparency with clear criteria within the company can make a lot of sense, promoting fair salary structures.

HR Trend 4: Rising Skill Shortages

The shortage of skilled workers is a trend that has become increasingly noticeable this year. In September 2022, open positions in the job market are estimated at 873,000. HR departments, in particular, face the challenge of finding qualified personnel.

Consequently, the consistent digitization of processes through comprehensive HR software solutions is becoming increasingly important. This not only relieves the HR department but also ensures the efficiency of personnel-related workflows.

HR Trend 5: Attention to Leadership

Given all these developments, well-qualified leadership is needed more than ever. Employees are exposed to both economic developments and dynamics in the job market, increasing the responsibility of leaders to ensure well-structured processes and positive collaboration.

Factors such as the mental health of employees and leaders remain of high importance. Preventing burnouts or detecting them early is crucial. In practice, existing processes and working conditions should be continuously reviewed. Key performance indicators such as sick days and absenteeism rates are good indicators to discover potential issues.

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