Onboarding Workflows Fully Automated

Thanks to clearly assigned responsibilities, defined deadlines, and automatic reminders, you can onboard new colleagues fully automated with HR software. In our template, you will find an exemplary process that can be implemented exactly as is. And, of course, additional steps can be easily added.

Choose a trigger event and initiate the process based on it.

Set placeholders to allow data to auto-populate.

Invite new colleagues so they can fill out their profiles even before their entry date.

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Onboarding Workflows Fully Automated

The Significance of a Good Onboarding

In a company, onboarding new employees involves the hiring and orientation process, which is facilitated through targeted measures. Onboarding holds a significant place in companies when it comes to employee retention because the results typically include fewer sick days and fewer resignations. Especially with a view to hybrid work arrangements, all parties involved benefit even more from automated onboarding processes.

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