What is the best way to support employee health to reduce work losses due to sickness?
12. June 2020

Promoting employee health, but how? – Employee health is important. That’s for sure, but exceedingly few take enough care of it. Work losses due to sickness cause high costs – in fact not a little. Moreover, if sick employees stay […]

With less job requirements, the selection of applicants and therefore the guarantee to find the right candidates rises.
27. May 2020

Why you can’t find the right candidates with overloaded job advertisements – What is written in job advertisements is more often a free imagination of what candidates should be like. The result is: Job advertisements often appear as fantasy novels. […]

With these tips the concentration in home office stays.
13. May 2020

Tips to avoid a leak of concentration in home office – In home office, distraction traps are lurking everywhere, so that it can be hard to focus on the work. Especially, if the workplace is actually our place to relax […]