Focusing when in Home Office – How Distraction Stands No Chance

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March 19, 2020 • 4 minutes read

If focusing in your home office setup is hard, these tips can help to stay focused at work and to keep distraction low.

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**Tips to avoid a leak of focus in home office **– In home office, distraction traps are lurking everywhere, so that it can be hard to focus on the work. Especially, if the workplace is actually our place to relax or to sleep. In this case, it is even harder to keep the concentration up.

For some it is easy to stay focused, whereas others find it even more difficult. However, there are good strategies to support focus and productivity and to avoid any distraction. These tips will help:

1. Stick to the Dress Code

Straight from the bed to the desk without taking the pyjamas off – that’s how many people imagine working from home. This is the first mistake! We can’t get into a work mood and reach high concentration while we are still in our pyjamas.

How we dress determines how we feel. Our dress defines which role we assume, because we automatically connect a specific persona with a typical look. To reach more concentration in a home office, it is therefore reasonable to dress as if we would go to work.

2. Organize a Green Office

It is our choice how to organize our home office. There are certain tips for designing a work environment that helps to stay productive. Did you know that flowers can be conducive for a good work atmosphere? Apparently, a green office has the effect that we like our workplace and eventually our work.

A few flowers on the desk can already improve the air in the room and thus the concentration in the home office. Moreover, natural sunlight is not only good for the flowers but also for our own energy level. For a great effect, the flowers should be placed within eyesight.

3. Listen to Music

Listening to some kind of background music helps to break down stress and to stay motivated. For some people music has an impact on creativity and stimulates new ideas. Whereas some prefer music without singing, others can also keep concentration in the home office by listening to music with lyrics. Everyone has different preferences and need to try which kind of music fits the best.

4. Avoid Distraction but Take Breaks

Smartphones build a great distraction trap. By practicing self-control to ignore it for a couple of hours, we are able to use the time more efficiently for work.

However, taking some breaks is still important to get new energy and a better focus. Without any breaks, we more likely get stressed and feel drained. Thus, it is very important to plan breaks in, so that we come back to work with new, fresh ideas.

In the home office it can be much harder to take breaks, because it is our own duty to decide when and how to spend them. It is really important to plan the exact time and also how to spend breaks during the workday. For example, a walk outside in the fresh air or reading something that has nothing to do with work can help to gain some distance from our tasks.

5. Stay Warm And Cool

We decide which temperature our home office has. It is our responsibility to create a feel-good atmosphere. We should never underestimate how temperature can affect our concentration.

By keeping us warm in winter and by getting some cooling in summer, we support our body. How? If we do so, our body has less to do with regulating our body energy and therefore has more energy for the work.

Conclusion: There Are Some Important Measures That Help Staying Concentrated in Home Office

Working from home has its own difficulties and distraction traps, but it can also be enriching for our productivity! By adhering to the tips above, we stay focussed and our home office will become our own work temple, in which we do our tasks with high concentration.

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