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Shaping Digital Employee Administration Together

HRlab is the cloud-based platform for secure and contemporary employee administration.
That’s the mission on which the agile HR solution is based on and which the team of HRlab purposefully follows.
Therefore, we work hand in hand and face challenges together.

We Stand up for Contemporary Employee Administration

We not only realize our idea of a modern and agile employee administration on our platform. We live this idea in our team as well. Each of us and as a team, we stand up for the facilitation of HR work with innovative technology.

HRlab is being developed by a well interacting team which considers its work not only as a task but as passion and valuable content. Each individual employee is given great responsibility and independence. However, this only works with trust in a community where the same values​​ are shared and lived. Everyone here is part of HRlab and we are all working on the common goal to digitize employee administration most efficiently.

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We Lead the Way With Contemporary Employee Administration

Our goal is to facilitate the complex processes and data of personnel work. Operational tasks cost vast amounts of time and manual processes are intransparent and error-prone. Therefore, we aim to sidestep all this chaos of papers and Excel spreadsheets. With our cloud-based platform, we provide a digital employee administration that simplifies and covers all personnel processes clearly. In the end, HR manager have more time for the important tasks again. Due to consistent processes, HRlab brings employees as well as corporate goals and strategies to the fore.

Take a look at our press and blog section and find out more about HRlab, our engagement as well as our public appearances. On our blog, we regularly publish interesting studies, editorials and current postings on the topics of HR and digitization. Subscribe to our newsletter and be informed as soon as a new article goes online!

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Data Protection Compliant With EU GDPR

At HRlab we take the protection and security of our customer data very seriously and rely on strong consumer rights with our revised privacy policy.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation for the EU, short EU GDPR, entered into force at the end of May in 2018 and aims to bring the level of data protection within the EU to a consistently high standard. With the revised version of our privacy policy we want to make the terms of your personal data clearer to understand for you . It should clarify which data are being processed, stored and what they are used for.

All adjustments that are pending under the EU GDPR have been automatically implemented by HRlab until 25 May 2018, so that you, as a customer, do not need to take care of anything else.

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A Team With a Vision

Behind a great work stands a great team. It’s important for us to pull together and to work closely in the team. This requires great trust in each other, which every employee experiences. We stand up for the creation of a comfortable working environment and are proud to have employees we can count on.

Kay Ackermann

Kay Ackermann

Head of Business Development

As an expert for digital processes and innovative technology, Kay Ackermann drives the business developments and effectively contributes to the transformation of HR with HRlab.

Christian Ebbecke

Christian Ebbecke

Managing Director

With over 15 years of management
experience in the software industry,
Christian Ebbecke ensures constant
improvement of all processes
during the implementation and
operation of HRlab, and the ongoing
support of our customers.

Constanze Weber

Constanze Weber

Product Owner

Drawing on her many years
of experience in product development,
Constanze Weber as Product Owner,
together with her team,
ensures the quality and
increasing value of the product,
thus implementing the vision of HRlab.

Our Office in the Heart of Berlin

A place to evolve and to grow creativity

HRlab GmbH
Wattstraße 11, 13355 Berlin

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