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HRlab is built on more than 12 years experience in HR management and aims to combine complex personnel processes in a smart, automatic and modern usability. What started with an idea is now inspiring HR managers and employees daily.

Experience is supportive, a good mood even more.

More than 30 enthusiastic people are by now developing and working on HRlab. They regard their work as a mission, passion and valuable content. Each one of them carries great responsibility based on a team full of trust, which shares and lives the same values. Be it the abolition of vacation requests or the designing of open spaces, everyone is a part of HRlab and we all work on the aim to built up an innovative HR software.

Since the start of HRlab 2 years ago, we gained a lot of praising and critical, favourable and scolding, excited and mostly positive feedback on HRlab. We are pleased and thank you for that. In 2016 we even reached the final nomination of the HR Awards.

In our press area you can find a bunch of reports and information about us. Furthermore, we would like to invite you to follow our blog on which we are regularly publishing interesting studies and leads on HR.

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