All Services of the HR Platform in an Overview

Among the core functions of the HR platform count a digital personnel file and an agile task management with automated workflows and approval processes. In addition to time recording, HRlab covers the management of absences and business travels and provides a comprehensive document management with a convenient editing due to useful templates.

Furthermore, HRlab offers an extensive reporting to flexibly evaluate current as well as historical contract and payment data with employee characteristics. The platform supports also the payroll by recording all payroll-relevant data. Look at all the features of HRlab in detail and get an impression of how HRlab empowers the employee management.

The Features of HRlab

Digital Personnel File

  • Administration of master as well as dynamic data
  • User-friendly editing
  • Clear presentation of employee-related data
Digital Personnel File Feature in the HR platform HRlab Monitor


  • Personalized company overview
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Illustrative statistics
Dashboard Feature in the HR platform HRlab Monitor


  • Complete management and collection of data
  • Cloud-based access
  • Employee History
Employees Feature in the HR platform HRlab Monitor

Manage & Approve

  • Overview of all applications and processes by sections
  • Flexible access rights
  • Integrated search function
Manage & Approve Feature in the HR platform HRlab Monitor


  • Management of vacation requests
  • Control of leftover vacation entitlements
  • Analyses and statistics
  • Resource Management
Vacation Feature in the HR platform HRlab Monitor


  • Overview of sick days
  • Resource Management
  • Direct API to invoices
  • Quick upload of health certificates
Sickness Feature in the HR platform HRlab Monitor

Business Travel

  • Employee-related travel overview
  • Travel days of the current year and month
  • Illustrative statistics
  • Export of desired data
  • Travel expense reimbursement
Business Travel Feature in the HR platform HRlab Monitor


  • Overview of all qualifications
  • Updating of skills
  • Filtering function for e.g. departments, locations or skills
  • Employee Self Administration
Funktion Qualification Feature in HRlab Monitor

Time Tracking

  • One-click capture on dashboard
  • Cost analysis by cost centers
  • Export of desired data
  • Comparison of planned working time
Time Tracking Feature in the HR platform HRlab Monitor


  • Release of documents
  • Storage of all documents
  • Quick downloads and uploads
Documents Feature in HRlab Monitor


  • Overview of all absences
  • Subscription of calendars
  • Connection to Outlook and Gmail
Calendar Feature in HRlab Monitor


  • Simple creation of tasks
  • Updating the processing status
  • Specification of a due date
Tasks Feature in HRlab Monitor


  • Publishing of new company announcements
  • Editing and deleting of current news
  • Backup of draft versions
  • Archiving of outdated information
News Feature in HRlab Monitor


  • Overview by sections
  • Detailed information with one click
  • Forward-looking predictions
  • Demonstrative analyses
Reports Feature in HRlab Monitor


  • Templates for the creation of new job postings
  • Filtering function for e.g. departments, locations or recruiters
  • APIs to external recruitment platforms
Recruitment Feature in the HR platform HRlab Monitor

Preparatory Payroll Accounting

  • Management of all payroll related information
  • Automatic generation of payslips
  • Retrospective payroll
  • Export and import functions
Preparatory Payroll Feature in the HR platform HRlab Monitor

The HR Platform That Makes Work a Pleasure

HRlab aims to facilitate the management of employees at different locations. Flexible structures and intelligent as well as customizable user roles simplify the administration of all functions of the HR platform and support a secure use of all services. Moreover, it allows a collaborative co-working due to modern communication possibilities and sends automated notifications for various activities to relevant employees.

The Special Extra for an Efficient Administration

The work with the HR platform is simplified by various filter options and by the storage of preferred filter combinations that can be conveniently and quickly called up again. Equally, individual formatting possibilities can be selected, so that search results are listed in one’s own preferred order. Thanks to the integration of an efficient employee self service, the staff can contribute to an comprehensive data management.

Looking for an HR Platform?

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Digital HR Processes With Adaptability

The platform has the aspiration to be the solution for all challenges of the HR. Those challenges changes in the course of the digitization as well as HRlab does. As an agile cloud solution, HRlab takes the suggestions of the customers into account and develops further continuously. Therefore, HRlab is the modern, efficient and flexible solution to optimize HR processes.

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